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How to create good social media marketing services

Create Relevant Social Media Posts that Convert

How do I create both good and relevant social media posts?

Providing content that your social media followers and potential customers want to see if easier said than done. The trick is to take off your sales hat and not to overthink it. The more natural the social media post, the more relevant it will come off to your audience. 

Here are some simple tips for better content that will be sure to convert into business for your company.

Celebrate Random Holidays

Yes, the calendar year is filled with popular holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, Memorial Day and the 4th of July. But, there is a different holiday every day that can be mentioned on social that nobody is even aware of.

For example, March 20th is International Day of Happiness – your company can post about what makes them happy. Or on National Dentist Day, insurance agencies can give a shoutout to their dental clients.

Support Local

Make a presence in your local community by promoting local events, sharing local news and celebrating new businesses in your community. Showing that you are an active member of your community and support others go far in telling what your brand is all about.

Associate with Current Events

Stay up-to-date with current news and position your business around these times. Associating with what others may be going through can create a sense of understanding and connection.

The Coronavirus is a prime case of this, social media posts during this time should be based around caring for others, ways to stay safe and unique opportunities to connect your company with this time. This can include a weather disaster, the Olympics or even a new impressive innovation.

Quick phone videos

We are all on our phones all the time. It has become more natural to take pictures and videos and share on our personal social media accounts, so why aren’t we applying this to our business accounts as well.

Some of the best performing posts are videos made on a person’s phone that are not scripted and show true personality.

Share Posts Regularly 

Sharing other’s posts on social media is free content for you. It is a great way to showcase clients of yours as well as other associations. When you share it encourages them to share your content as well, which then is showcased to their entire set of followers. This is free marketing on both sides of the social media platforms which instantly increases brand awareness. 

It takes two seconds and can make a huge impact for your business. When scrolling through your feed always keep this in mind and don’t be scared to share! 

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