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Google Update

What You Need To Know About Recent & Upcoming Google Algorithm Updates

What major Google updates should digital marketers be concerned about in the near future? There are two main updates that Google is making. The first is the update to how they track third-party cookies which will be phased slowly until completely gone in 2022. The second is a Google update to the ranking algorithm which will take into account site speed when ranking two similar sites against each other.

About Google Third Party Tracking Updates

Google is slowly but steadily eradicating third-party tracking cookies. Google clearly stated on one of their blog posts that once the cookies are completely phased out, it will not craft alternate identifiers to track online users as they browse the internet. While this might sound like great news to internet users who prefer privacy, businesses will have to find better ways to learn about their prospects to provide them with unique experiences.

Instead of coming with alternate identifiers, Google stated that with this Google update privacy-preserving APIs would power their web products. These ones will prevent individual tracking while still ensuring that publishers and advertisers get amazing results from their campaigns.

The cookies are normally designed to track users as they hop from one website to another. The tool lets advertisers know what the users need so that they come up with the best products and services for them. However, a good number of internet users believe that the cookies are somewhat invasive and that Google needs to do something about it.

Google reports that the issue with cookies has caused some users to stop trusting the internet or the advertisers. This is something that has jeopardized the future of the web. Regardless of privacy concerns, online ads remain the best way for companies to thrive. This explains why Google is shifting from Google Third-Party Cookies and coming up with something better and fair for everyone.

Google is also trying to make you understand that its main aim is not to wipe out targeted advertising. Instead, it needs to get rid of the old invasive methods with something new, which is described as Privacy Sandbox. The primary duty of the Privacy Sandbox is to hide the users in something like a large crowd with key interests. The marketers can then target adverts towards that large crowd.

About the May 2021 Google Algorithm Update

If you have not heard of the May Google Update, it is set to go down in May 2021. They are going to include something known as Page Experience. This is believed to be an integral element that is going to play a key role in rankings.

As part of the process, they have already launched something known as the Web Vitals. Web Vitals is a series of benchmarks that help measure and enhance the user experience on the internet.

The Page Experience is all about how internet users interact with various websites and how bad or good they are for them. This includes things such as safe-browsing, mobile-friendliness, intrusive interstitial guidelines, and HTTPS.

At the moment, there are three main areas the Google update is going to focus on when making the important Google algorithm change.

1. Loading

This is all about the load speed of given web pages. It is the duration when given content on a particular website is supposed to have loaded.

2. Interactivity

This covers the time from when a given user first interacts with a given website, for instance, a tap or a click, to the time when the browser being used starts to process the information. Interactivity is vital when it comes to determining the user experience when browsing a given webpage.

3. Visual Stability

This is about preventing the sudden obnoxious movements of page content.

Now, Google is working on these three factors to ensure that internet users have the best experience when viewing various websites. This Google algorithm change is important because it is going to have an impact on organic search results.


If you are a business, it is easy to feel that the Third Party Tracking Updates & Algorithm change will affect you. There is nothing to worry about with the Google updates since better tools will be developed to ensure that businesses and customers have the best relationships on the internet. All you have to do is learn as much as you can about the changes and make your website ready to embrace them as soon as they are made available. You can always begin with Google Site Speed Optimization.

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